One of the ways in which Dive Media Solutions help to provide your scuba business is through online and offline publishing. With operations that are entirely owned by DiveMedia and others in which we partner with top names in scuba diving, DiveMedia publishing continue the ways in which we connect with divers worldwide.

The Scuba News

The biggest and most successful of our publications. The Scuba News does exactly as the name suggests. It provides news, articles, features, guides and much more

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The Red Sea Wreck Project

The Red Sea Wreck Project is a non-profit website which brings details of all the stunning wrecks of the Red Sea. Launched in partnership with Tekdeep and rEvo Rebreathers UK, The Red Sea Wreck Project not only brings information on some of the most popular Red Sea Wreck Diving sites but also aims to hunt for the lesser known wrecks and bring you all the latest information through the online blog.

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